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February 28, 2023 / Povești de Trezit Civismul

We have been organizing the Public Participation Awards Gala for 10 years in order to publicly show our appreciation to those who succeed, through civic efforts, in convincing public authorities to do their job better and to bring good and sustainable solutions in communities.

A lady who convinced the mayor that the bridge to the school needs urgent repairs.

A group of citizens from a commune in Bucovina ended up fighting in court with the County Council, in order to prevent the construction of a huge landfill near the houses.

The Student Council of Constanța obtained the settlement of the students’ transport subscriptions and the granting of school scholarships.

An association has set up the first mobile dental unit for poor children in villages.

Your donations help us to show further how ordinary people change the balance of power in relation to public authorities.

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